Competitive Team Resources 


Complete Bun Materials Checklist

  • Strong Max Hold Hair Gel

  • Strong Max Hold Hairspray

  • Bristle flattening brush

  • Hair comb/pencil for hair parting

  • Pony Tails (Color of hair or Black)

  • Box of Open Bobby Pins (Color of Hair)

  • Thin Bun heads or similar hair net

  • *toothbrush for baby hairs (optional)


Makeup Materials Checklist

  • Skin primer/Moisturizer

  • Liquid concealer (match neck skin color)

  • Matte Setting Powder 

  • Bronzer powder

  • Blush Powder

  • Highlight for nose and sides 

  • Eyebrow pencil or paint with dark brown eye shadow

  • Black Eyeliner

  • Black Mascara

  • Fake eyelashes (Andrea 33 recommended)

  • Lash strong hold adhesive glue

  • Black eyeshadow

  • Silver eyeshadow

  • Silver eye glitter (Do Not get craft glitter)

  • Soft Brown and white eyeshadow for blending and crease

  • Dark Red Matte lipstick

Costume/Accessories Outline By Dance

Competition Resources and Information

Competition Venue: Palm Beach County Convention Center

650 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Day of Competition


Please arrive at competition venue at 12:30PM SHARP on Sunday (Group competition day) with hair and makeup already done and your iconic warmups (Jacket and track pants).Remember the drive is 1hr-1.5hrs long please leave your home timely to ensure you make it on time for warm ups. 


Message From
Revolution Dance Competition


Dear Stephanie, 

We are thrilled to have Iconic Dance and training center joining us at our Revolution Talent Competition
Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach, FL Regional Competition!

When the studio director arrives at the venue, feel free to have that one individual enter the event and check in with our registration. They will direct you regarding which dressing room(s) that your students will be assigned to, and let you know if (for some reason) there's any delay in the event that you would need to share with your families.

Your students will NOT be permitted to enter dressing rooms until it is your block time to attend.  

Please inform your families that mask wearing among spectators is mandatory.  We have been noticing a rising problem of this regulation as the season has progressed.  We had to agree to this mandate to secure the venue and to secure insurance by our own liability company.  Any persons who requires several reminders will be asked to leave the facility. The event is being live streamed free of charge for persons unwilling to enter the facility with proper face covering. Dancers will have to wear face coverings while in the building with the exception of when they are on stage. 

 There is a limit of 1 person per dancer allowed for audience attendance when entering the auditorium this means one spectator wristband per dancer. Wristbands are not needed in common areas of the convention center such as lobby, cafe, bathrooms. During competition we ask all other members coming to support your group remain in the lobby areas of the convention center if they have no spectator wristband. We know this can be frustrating and ask for your cooperation. Encourage your groups to take turns swapping around spectator wristbands with one another when their kid isn't dancing to allow for more spectators. Each block will have a different color, so it will be important for all guests to be with the proper wrist band.

We will be employing a Hybrid schedule that incorporates several Larger Block with multiple studios (Main Stage). In room 2 (Solo Stage) you will notice all our solos will be on stage #2 in a normal format. For the solo competition room you will be assigned a wristband as you walk in. Our audience area will be set up a little more spread out than normal to encourage social distancing.  


While we did our best to arrange the schedule to minimize costume change problems, we do understand you may have some numbers that are closer to each other than you are used to.  In these instances please just do your best to have the performers change quickly, you will not be rushed and we are expecting this.  If you have solos only please have your dancers come prepared in their first costume.  All Dressing rooms are assigned due to capacity.  Please only allow 1 - 2 teachers backstage at a time with groups. In addition, there should only be the groups performing and the group up next backstage at any time.  After the event we do need your cooperation to exit the theatre promptly so we can clean and prepare for the next block.  


Awards - 


For Solo Awards in Room 2  we will be doing a normal awards ceremony with Title announcements, Overalls and additional solo awards being announced at the end of each section.  As for the Main Stage, at the end of each block we will be doing an adjudicated awards ceremony. The dancers will be welcomed back on stage, however all their pins will be bagged and labeled and given to the studio director following the awards. At this time we will also recognize any special awards, Choreography, Entertainment, or Class Act awards.  After all the blocks are completed we will be hosting our Virtual Overall awards on Sunday May 9th.  A studio representative will be welcomed back to the theater for the virtual awards.  This is where we will announce our High score winners, Golden ticket award winners and SDA Regional Champs.   Any additional awards can be found on our result page on the website.   We will have all overall awards available for curbside pickup on Sunday during or after the virtual awards.  

Also, a friendly reminder that for the safety of your students, and to protect all of the pieces created by our competing choreographers, photography and video recording of any kind is not permitted. Routines are subject to point deductions if caught capturing routines while on stage. We have set up a Revolution stand and repeat banner outside the auditorium for personal picture taking purposes Please pass this information along to your parents, families, and students.

The DETAILED SCHEDULE is located in the attached html file on the bottom left of this e-mail. Thank you again have a great show!

Competition Order


Revolution Program of Events/ Block Scheduling