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Competition Team Resources 


Complete Bun Materials Checklist

  • Strong Max Hold Hair Gel

  • Strong Max Hold Hairspray

  • Bristle flattening brush

  • Hair comb/pencil for hair parting

  • Pony Tails (Color of hair or Black)

  • Box of Open Bobby Pins (Color of Hair)

  • Thin Bun heads or similar hair net

  • *toothbrush for baby hairs (optional)


Makeup Materials Checklist

  • Skin primer/Moisturizer

  • Liquid concealer (match neck skin color)

  • Matte Setting Powder 

  • Bronzer powder

  • Blush Powder

  • Highlight for nose and sides 

  • Eyebrow pencil or paint with dark brown eye shadow

  • Black Eyeliner

  • Black Mascara

  • Fake eyelashes (Andrea 33 recommended)

  • Lash strong hold adhesive glue

  • Black eyeshadow

  • Silver eyeshadow

  • Silver eye glitter (Do Not get craft glitter)

  • Soft Brown and white eyeshadow for blending and crease

  • Dark Red Matte lipstick

Costume/Accessories Outline By Dance

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